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Happy Monday January 24, 2011

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I hope that everyone had great weekend and got some much needed rest from the work week. I had a wonderful weekend celebrating a birthday and learning some new and exciting things about sex. It’s amazing that this weekend coming up will be the last weekend of January and next week February will be here. I’m not even used to writing 2011 on documents at work. Most people still haven’t probably got started on there New Year’s resolutions or by this time they are already out the window. Regardless of what your doing make sure that you appreciate each day that you have and make sure to do something to benefit yourself.

Everybody have a great day!



2 Responses to “Happy Monday”

  1. Angie Says:

    Ok so you learned some exciting things about sex this weekend? Are you going to share with the rest of us what those exciting things are?

    • I just got to see some new toys and products. Check out that website if you are interested. The lady was out from your area. One toy that was new to me was was toy that actually rotated and thrust. That was a shocker. It had serveral speeds and rotated and everything. It was $144 but the girl that had the party I think that was like her gift she one for 3 people signing up to have parties. One of my favorite smaller and cheaper ones was Dazzling Diva. It looked like a small black wand. Basically it was a wireless vibrator.

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