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Long Distance Relationships: Can they last? January 25, 2011

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Most people say that long distance relationships wont work; with the right person and the commitment to each other anything is possible. With the technology that we have today long distance relationships are a little easier than they were years ago. Today you have Skype, Facetime, text, video and picture messaging and numerous other capabilities.

In 2005, according to The Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships an estimated 2.9% of US marriages were considered long distance, with 1 in 10 marriages reported to have included a period at long distance within the first 3 years. This means that in 2005 approximately 3,500,000 people in the US alone were involved in long-distance marriages.

To keep a the relationship going you must establish trust for that person. No relationship is going to work with out trust. Communication is another key component for keeping a relationship together whether you are long distance or living together. Make time for each other and share the traveling. It shouldn’t be that one person that does all the traveling all the time. You can always meet half way or take a trip somewhere together. Sending small gifts or cards are also ways to remind that person that you miss them and you love them.

So whether you are in the military, away for business, off to college or your partner is incarerated, a long distance relationship can work if you want it to.


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