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Love at First Sight January 26, 2011

Filed under: Fashion — mshollandsthoughts @ 9:01 am

If you don’t know me you don’t know that I have a love for shoes and handbags. Something that I think I have inheritated from my aunts on both sides of my family! So Neiman Marcus as usual sends me their daily emails (not that I shop there but if I could afford to I would). So you know I started to delete it instead of fantasizing today. Something said open it. When I opened the email my eyes flew wide open like a deer in head lights and it was at that moment that I was smitten by Lady Clou Spike! They are beautifully crafted red slingback platform with a peep toe and spikes, accented with a bow! Beauty in rare form! As always people tend to fall in love with things they can not have. Hence these shoe starting at the lovely price of $1,195. For now they will be in the corner of my mind.  Shoe also comes in black.


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