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Old Man Winter January 26, 2011

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Ok so today Old Man Winter is trying to show face! I am so sick of the cold weather. This winter has been very cold. I mean last year it was the ridiculous snow, although this year it’s snowed in places that people probably never even seen snow. We are really in our last days!

I will be happy when we start getting some sun and atleast in the 60’s. Especially since I am a single mother who depends on a paycheck and a job I need to make sure that I can be at work and not needing to use up all my time due to snow.

Everday I sit here daydreaming of getting a little darker from the sun or complaining of sweating in places I didn’t know could perspire. Old Man Winter please disappear and let some sun shine thru. I promise not to complain that my leather car seats are burning my back or thighs.

Hoping that before March 20th that we will be blessed with some warmer days. Until then I will be praying!

So do you prefer the warmer weather or do you like the blistering cold?


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