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Nails: What do you do to yours? January 27, 2011

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Do you love getting your nails done? I definitely do. Getting my nails done is my saving grace. I go every 2 to 3 weeks depending on growth. I’d probably go once a week for a polish change if I could afford it. I have a gel overlay on my nails and the polish gets put on before the 2nd coat of gel is laid on top which I love so that my nail polish doesn’t chip.  So i’d have to get the gel overlay buffed down and the polish and gel reapplied. Shout out to Cindy @ T&C Nails in Fashion Square Mall (Charlottesville, VA). She is my manicurist.

Lately I’ve been on the fence about doing crazy designs and weird colors just to change it up. I usually get french manicure or OPI’s Bubble Bath polish. Which is very plain but goes with everything. I tend to only use OPI polish if I can help it. I love it.

What do  you do to your nails? Do you get manicures, arcylic, or gel? Are you into getting designs (hand painted or airbrush)? Lets hear back from you.


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