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What’s Bothering Her? January 27, 2011

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Ok I don’t know what to do! My daughter is 10 and has gone from very sweet and well mannered girl to some heathen child I’d like to put my hands on. I keep thinking is she starting to hit puberty because she has been developing physically but it’s just not that, her whole attitude has changed. I feel like I’m losing my baby!! Arianna is becoming very sarcastic and talks back when she shouldn’t. (She has to have the last word). Back in my day you only spoke when spoken too and you didn’t dare talk back to you mother or father or you put up with the repercussion of a belt, firm hand or tree branch. I don’t just see it in Arianna but in other kids as well. Are kids changing? I never thought that mine would act like that. I mean no child is exempt from the things of this world or acting certain way.

Arianna is my only child and I know I can’t keep her a baby forever but I don’t want a problem child either. Has she gotten to spoiled? Being an only child from both parents she gets almost just about everything she wants with in reason. She’s got her own cell phone (pre-paid), she’s got a Wii, PSP, her own room, TV and a lot more. Growing up I didn’t have those things being that I am the baby of 3 so just to get a game or name brand stuff I was very appreciative. She is an honor roll student and participates in alot of extra curricular activities. I know that she would love to have a brother or sister but you can’t just pull one of those out of the air. I’m not sure whats eating her but I’m determined to get to the bottom of it. I’m not going to let this eat me alive or have my child giving her stank attitude to others. Thats not how she was raised and I will not have her acting in that manner.

Her consequences for acting in such manner her TV, Wii and PSP have been confiscated. Thats her punishment for a full week. If the behavior continues the phone will be taken as well. Do you think i’m being to harash? Can things be done differently? What are your thoughts on the situation?


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