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Black History Month February 1, 2011

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Today is February 1st and the beginning of Black History Month. The month African Americans celebrate their culture and things we have accomplished. While these things should not be only recognized in one month but they should be put in the history books and made known everyday. I just wanted recognize some of the people that have paved the way for people like myself. Some people know a few people and their accomplishments but their are alot more people that haven’t been mentioned.

Martin Luther King Jr: lead the Civil Rights movement and was killed 4/4/68

Langston Hughes: today is his birthday and was recognized for the Harlem Renaissance. He was a poet.

Hattie McDaniel: actress, first black to receive a Oscar for her role in Gone With the Wind.

Jackie Robinson: First Major League baseball player for the Brooklyn Dodgers

Madame CJ Walker: First self made millionaire

Those are just to name a few. If you want to know more about black  history and their accomplishments go to your local library or search the internet. Alot of things we have were invented by African American people.


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