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Kourt & Kim Take New York February 1, 2011

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Last night I was able to catch the rerun of the 2nd episode of Kourt & Kim Take New York. It’s was a lot better than the start of the show! Thank God! Kim poses nude in body paint for the cover of a high end magazine and comes to find out that they have lied to her about how the pictures would be fixed so that her body would be covered in art work. When she receives the pictures she calls her mother crying and cursing about how she needs to fix this mess. Kim is upset because she wants to shed the image of being known for her sex tape with RayJ and known for taking off her clothes. Needless to say mom comes to the rescue and tells her that the magazine is already in print and published and Kimmie will have to suck it up and hold her head high and be proud of what she has done!

Also in this episode Scott gets into a brawl. If you are familiar with the Kardashian shows you know Scott has had a hard time being excepted by Kourtney’s family. Since the ordeal in Miami Scott has got in to anger management and trying to take care of his family. He’s been doing very well at it too but when a fan of Kim’s gets out of hand in a NY lounge Scott’s old ways come back to haunt him. He end’s up fighting a man whose girlfriend throws a drink on Kim and end up kicked out of the lounge. Kourtney doesn’t speak to him the whole night! Poor Scott when he was only trying to protect his sister in law. Khloe and Kim come to Scotts rescue and tell Kourtney that he was only trying to protect Kim. How sweet of Khloe since last season she was hating his guts!

Seems like the season maybe off to slow start but their antics are still there. Looking forward to more!


2 Responses to “Kourt & Kim Take New York”

  1. Talia Says:

    I Love Watching Kourt & Kim Take New YORK CITY I LOVE THEIR FASHION OF CLOTHING!!

  2. Talia Says:

    I Love Watching Kourt And Kim Every Sunday Only On E

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