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Who Cares? I don’t!!!! February 3, 2011

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This morning I read my normal blogs that I read every morning before I get to work and several of the blogs talked about interracial dating. Why the hell in 2011 are we still talking about this subject and why it’s such a big issue! Who the hell cares because I do not. I’m not going to let the color of someones skin be the factor of me dating them or loving them. The bible tells us to love every one. Aren’t we all created equally. I think it’s really sad that people are still letting that bother them. They still have so much hate and animosity towards other races it’s ridiculous. Factors that should be hindering you from dating are they abusive, drugs, drunks or child molesters. Not race! America is supposed to be the “Land of the free” and a “Melting Pot”! I mean where is the love! It’s better to love than hate.

June 12th is National Loving Day.

Loving Day fights racial prejudice through education and builds multicultural community.

Check out some celebrities that aren’t letting race define their love.

Heidi Klum and Seal

Robin Thick and Paula Patton

Alfre Woodard and husband

Justin Chambers of Grey’s Anatomy and wife

Wolfgang Puck and Wife

Chris Noth “Mr Big” of Sex and the City and girlfriend

Robert Deniro and Wife


2 Responses to “Who Cares? I don’t!!!!”

  1. Robin Herring Says:

    Yes, unfortunately there are alot of people who do still care & are bothered by it. There have been many occasions when Wilson & I are out that people of both races stare at us like we are doing something wrong. I have learned to just deal with it. Letting their anger get to me will only make me angry in return. Which, I will not be angry for anyone else!

    SN: Loving the blog! Keep it up & hope to see you soon. ♥

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