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Super Bowl XLV February 7, 2011

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Unless you live under a rock or could have cared less about football you wouldn’t know that last night was the Super Bowl. Steelers vs. Packers. Now i usually am someone that doesn’t follow the sport but my friends convienced me to come to a Super Bowl party so i did. I was in a home full of Green Bay followers and I decided well since my brother in law and nieces follow the Steelers i’d route for them. Starting off the Packers took the lead with the Steelers playing like they were on some high school football field. Toward 2nd quarter the Steelers decided enough is enough and started putting points on the board! Finally! I started to get into it after awhile. They scored few more points and were off by 3 pts until the end when Packers too it home for a win. Needless to say it was a close game. Good Game Steelers there is always next year!

Performances for the night started off with the National Anthem by Christina Aguilera. I was looking forward to her very soulful voice but it really didn’t go over so well when she started missing lyrics to the song. Best performance of the night was the half time show by the Black Eyed Peas. This group is phenomenal! It was like a  mini concert!  Slash and Usher also joined the BEP’s performing his hit OMG.

As for the commercials which have become part of the game through out the years. They were so so. The only 2 that caught my attention were to Dorito commerical with the guy licking the Dorito residue of the other guys finger! Whoa!! And I love the spoof Chevy did with Lassie show. The Chevy truck would beep it’s horn to alert the family there son was in danger. LOL

All in all the last night was a good night for Super Bowl the weather turned out great and so did the food.


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