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6 Days Away! February 8, 2011

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 Rose are Red Violets are Blue…. Valentines Day is only 6 days away! Have you decided what you will get your significant other or someone close to your heart. Most woman want the usual dozen roses and candy or jewelry! There are so many deals going on at this time of year! Here are a few things that you can give besides roses, candy and jewelry.

Edible Arrangement: I personally love these arrangements. They have them for just about every occasion. A box of chocolate covered strawberries or bouquet of assorted fruit is a nice jesture of warmth and love. You can order them online or visit your local store.

Ipad: If you want to spend a few hundred dollars and not do the traditional jewelry you can opt for the Ipad. Apple Ipad can be used for home, work, and school. There is an app for just about anything you can think of and it starts around $499.

Dinner & Movie: You can not go wrong with dinner and a movie. Most restaurants will be packed due to the holiday crowd and I know some people will go the day before just to enjoy a little piece and quiet and not worrying about the rush. There are a few new movies out that you or partner may want to enjoy.

  • The Roommate  Now Playing
  • Justin Bieber 2/11
  • Just Go With it 2/11
  • The Eagle 2/11
  • No Strings Attached Now Playing
  • The Dilemma Now Playing
  • The Mechanic Now Playing

There are tones of things to get your significant other for this special day just make sure it’s something from the heart.


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