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Kim vs. Nicki February 17, 2011

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How many of you think Lil Kim needs to give it a rest? It’s really time for the Queen B to knock it off and let Nicki have her shine. It’s a new day and new era! Being a fan of both of these ladies I can truly say that both are good artist in there on form. Kim has had her turn to reign! Don’t you think as a Queen and black female you should be giving props to a another young black female for bringing it just as hard as she did. No female since Kim has done it as big as Nicki Minaj and for that you must give respect where respect is due.

I personally think Kim is making a spectacle of herself trying to come back. Stick with trying to be cute and stop being adult trying to go to war with a child. I really like what KeKe Palmer posted on Twitter. “Lil Kim was out before Nicki Minaj, but Myspace was out before Twitter..Which do you love NOW?” Its really time to pass the torch! What the heck its up with Pink Friday vs. Black Friday? How stupid is that!

Kim should stick to Marc Jacob shows and hosting parties in clubs. I suggest giving it a rest with new stuff. Her music really hasn’t been a hit since “Lighter’s Up”. Really if she wasn’t going to jail and had a show on BET would it have even done so hot. Don’t get it twisted I’m a fan of Kim but lyrically she isn’t the best. Even without the wigs and butt injections I think Nicki could hold her own on the mic.

So how you feeling about Lil Kim and her Black Friday vs Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday? Do you think Kim should stay in her lane?


4 Responses to “Kim vs. Nicki”

  1. itschrisfox Says:

    Pink Friday is definitely the better of the two, I like Kim and all but her mixtape was wack! The youngin are checking for Nicki not Kim, and the music industry thrives off the youngin, so Kim doesn’t really have a chance. Love em both tho!

  2. Larley Says:

    I’m lil kim all the could i not be she was my time….don’t like they way she is playing herself against nikki though…kim is an old g…she should sit back and chill…but i guess whoever wants to know they are getting “old”…she still my girl though

    • your right she is an ole head and she needs to sit back and let the new improve Barbie reign.. I mean come one even her plastic surgery job is better than Kim’s. Must give props where props are due!

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