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Losing Weight February 22, 2011

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Weight has always been a struggle with me. Trying to stay at a healthy weight is not the easiest task. I had my daughter 11yrs ago and it’s seems that I have just put the pounds on gradually over the years. It’s really depressing. In the past I’ve tried numerous different diets. Along with WEight Watchers I never could seem to stay focused. I’d start off  good and lose a good 10-15lbs and then that dreaded monthly cycle would appear and ruin my whole plan! Each month dealing with that things would get worse until I’d finally cave in and just fall victim to the fried food.

So now that I’ve hit 30 I feel like it’s time to take this fat and kick it in the ass! Something has got to be done! Weighing 210 to my highest weight ever of 216 standing at only 5’2″ is a lot to carry on. Surprisingly alot of people dont believe that I weigh that much or they are full of shit and lying to my face say “Oh you don’t even look it” If your lying KARMA will get your ass!


I’m not trying to get to a size 6 I just want to be comfortable in my skin and be able to have energy. If I want to run on the treadmill I don’t have to stop after 10seconds and be panting like a dog out in the hot sun. I’d be fine getting back to my prebaby weight. Which was 140! You talking Hot Tamales! LOL

Looking at these pictures should be my motivation. I haven’t really wore shorts out in public since before I had my daughter. Well I’m lying I did wear a 2 piece swimsuit to the beach but mind you that was maybe a year after I’d had her and I was still very small.


I can do it and I will Friday I will be rejoining Weight Watchers and this time I’m going to put my best foot forward to lose this weight. I will keep you guys posted on my journey! It’s won’t be easy but nothing in life ever is!


2 Responses to “Losing Weight”

  1. Norma Jacobs Says:

    Robin, I am with you!!!! It’s very hard to lose weight and for people that don’t have this issue should be more aware of other peoples feelings. I mean dam do people not realize we know we have gained weight!!!!

    Food is like a sweet crutch but we have to learn it’s a tool to help us not disable us so we need to take back our independence!!!!

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