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New Ride March 3, 2011

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I have been thinking about getting a new vehicle for sometime now but had put it off because I wanted to buy a home. Now that I know that I don’t want to purchase a home; buying a car is lingering in my mind. It’s been 5yrs since I’ve purchased my last vehicle and I’m ready for something new! Here are a few of the vehicles I’ve been considering.

Kia Sorento starting @ $21,195

Kia Optima starting @ $18,995

Ford Fusion starting @ $19,820

Ford Escape starting @ $21,215

My main focus is to make sure that I have room for my nieces. It’s hard to make a decision because of the prices of gas. With gas on the verge of being $4 by the summer the Ford Fusion would be more economical but all of them get pretty good gas mileage. That’s a big concern since I drive about 30 minutes to work Monday thru Friday. I’m looking for good rebates and good price. Those Kia’s are looking real nice! I love the Sedona and the Optima! So what route does a girl chose!


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