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Affairs of the Heart March 7, 2011

Filed under: Relationships — mshollandsthoughts @ 11:28 am

After watching Love and Hip Hop it got me to thinking about relationships and things that woman go thru. I personally have been threw my far share of crap with men. Hell I still go thru it. We all know that no relationship is perfect but how far is to far? Prime examples from the show are Chrissy and Emily. Chrissy has been with Jim Jones for 6 years no ring or child with him. Emily has been with Fabolous for 8 years and has a small child with him. Both woman are looking for more. Chrissy is looking to get married and have a family. Emily on the other hand really isn’t even being claimed as Fabolous girlfriend or even allowed to walk the red carpet with her man. Why stick around? Its like you been there this long just deal with it or you hear people say well you dealt with it this long.

In all honesty woman put up with alot of bullshit from men. I don’t think any woman has any place to be judgemental on another womans situation. My only concern is that noone is being beat on. If you are willing to deal with a man infidelities and him treating you a certain way thats on you. Emily talked about Fab never leaving her but she basically was tired of being in the background. Seems to me that they are never out in public together. If you’ve put up with it for 8 years why change it now?

We always say what we will put up with and what we won’t but when put in that position we seem to choke on our words. When you love someone their is no telling what you will do. I know I’ve personally judged friends and family like WTF are you doing still with him. After putting myself in some compromising relationships I’ve reevaluated myself. You live and you learn. Love and life is a learning experience. I feel like reading a book or looking into others relationships is nothing until you been threw it yourself. I know damn well I still have a whole helluva lot to learn. Hopefully I will make some wise choices.


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