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Love and Hip Hop March 7, 2011

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Last night was the sneek peak of Vh1’s new reality show Love and Hip Hop. I definitely will be tuning into the show which starts March 14th @ 10:30pm. The cast of the show are Somaya Reece, Chrissy, Olivia, and Emily. Mashonda who was not in the beginning credits is also on the show. The show is going to be a trip. Already the show has started out with beef between Somaya and Chrissy because Somaya is trying to cut a record with Jim Jones, Chrissy’s man. I kinda see where Chrissy is coming from Somaya looks more like a video vixen than a rapper and her songs are wack. So the season is going to be interesting also with Emily who has been Fabolous girl for 8 years and has a son with him is left to play the back. She is more known for being his stylist than his lady. Me personally after 8 years either your his woman or your not! Just because he is a rapper doesn’t mean you can’t be on his arm. Emily is a very cute girl but she really makes herself look stupid. If your man can’t claim you in public then he isn’t your man! Just goes to show you that all that glitters ain’t gold! Go to to check out more on the show.



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