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Teen Mom 2: Slippery Slope March 9, 2011

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Last night I watched Teem Mom 2. I usually don’t watch it the night they premiere a new episode but I wasn’t sleepy so I stayed up and tuned in. I swear! All I can say about some of them is been there and done that. Each girls situation is different and in some ways alike.

Leah and Corey

Out of all of the teen mother’s so far watching ever this couple makes me the proudest. Lets you see that their is some that do mature with having there child. Though I’m sure that their daughter Aliannah, whose has health issues, has help mature them. Last night they found out the results from the MRI and Leah found her wedding dress for her and Corey’s wedding. Although the results from the MRI can back showing nothing wrong with her spin Leah thinks that she should get a second opinion. I must say that I give them props because they are really trying to keep their family together. That’s VERY rare with a young couple.


OMG! I just want to slap the shit out of this kid. She is really getting on my last nerve. To me she is very unappreciative. How does your boyfriends family take you in when basically your mother wanted nothing to do with you and you turn and do them dirty. So disgusted with this situation. Granted her sons father can say some pretty harash things but in some situations I can’t blame him. Jo’s family has provided a roof other head, food, and Jo even paid for her first semester in college. Even though things weren’t working out with her and Jo him and his family was still continuing to be there for her and son Isaac. Like her mother she just had to put a man before her well beginning and hook up with the goof ball Jordan that she almost got kicked out once before for seeing. What is wrong with this girl? Last night she told Jo about Jordan because she was tired of sneaking around. Mind you she is still living under his roof and she hasn’t paid him back for school! Him and his family put her out and she calls her mother so that she can go stay with her. To my surprise and I’m sure alot of the viewers were shocked that her mother had her back. (I’m assuming that their isn’t a man in her life at the point) She even called the police when Jo and Janet wouldn’t let Kailyn get her clothes due to not paying back the $600. Can you blame Jo and his family? After all that we have done for you, you act like this. How crazy is that? NEVER EVER BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU!!!!!


Somebody help this chick out! Can we say spoiled ass brat! Dad pays all the bills and you can’t even finish your online home school high school diplomia to attend hair school! I can sort of understand letting dirt ball Adam back into the picture because you come for a split home and want to keep both parents together for the sake of the child but geez. Being young and dumb and in love. Well past couple weeks after her bff moved out Adam moved in and things were taking a turn for the worse! He wasn’t really helping out but it’s not like Chelsea worked or did anything besides lay around and watch TV. They seem to always catch her in the bathroom doing her hair. Chelsea really could be doing so much more with herself. Very dissapointed to see her sitting at home taking adavantage of her father. Needless to say the episode ended with Adam finally calling it quits because he’d had enough of not being good enough for her or her father. When she really wasn’t doing anything. He did atleast work part time and did put in apps for something else.


Where do I even start with this kid. Disrespectful, doesn’t take care of her kid, smokes pot. Her mother got custody of her son and she is running around with LOSER Keiffer. This is one time I agree with her mother he uses her for the little cash she has and doesn’t do a thing. LOSSSSSSSSSSSSERRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Both her and her mother both need to seek counseling and poor Jace probably will need it as well with all the arguing going on. Jenelle actually started off last nights episode doing good but just as always it’s not long before she is up to her old antics. She meets up with Keiffer and keep his butt around and she decides to skip a day of school and work and take her raggedy Honda Accord to Jersey! WTH Is the car even going to make it? Oh and by the way she tells him. ” I will get my mother’s credit card so we can get gas and food” She seriously needs a good ass whooping or something. She know damn well her mom is just itching to catch her doing something wrong!

These young ladies have alot to learn and for the sake of their kids they need to get it together!


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