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Starbucks Tribute Days March 10, 2011

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Just recieved an email from PopSugar ( And it’s Starbucks 40th anniversary. Check it out.

Tribute Days: March 10-12

To mark the last 40 years, we invite everyone to join us for Tribute Days. This event is a celebration of you – because without you, there is no us.

If you come to Starbucks between 2 and 5 p.m. on March 10-12, we’ll treat you to a free Starbucks Petites when you order any handcrafted beverage (while supplies last). We hope to see you there, and please feel welcome to invite a friend.

RSVP on Facebook for Tribute Days

What are Petites?

These are our new, perfectly sized treats. There are eight different ones, and each is less than 200 calories – making for a well-deserved afternoon reward.

Learn more about Starbucks Petites

Starbucks Petites

(via Starbucks)

Update:  I tried the cake bites and red velvet whoopie pie over the weekend! Yummy! Cant wait to indulge in them again!!!!


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