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Thursday Rain March 10, 2011

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It’s raining out today which makes the mood a little gloom. Especially when I have been on a super high. I haven’t really been posting much because I’ve been busy with work and preparing for my move. I’m also trying to get my butt back into school Hopefully I will get to go talk with an advisor on Monday. I’m excited about the turn that my life is taking. After my little certificate from National College that just let me know that “The Sky’s the Limit” for me. Anything I want w/in reason is possible for me to obtain. With me being a single mother I need to have the kind of motivation and attitude to raise my daughter. I used to sit and think well shit I’m 30 so WTH am I going to accomplish now. I know my babygirl see’s how hard I work so hopefully she will keep that in mind before she decides to lay down and let some chump knock her up.

Also have been putting a lot of thought into my love life. Which right now a little unsure of the route that is going to go. I’ve always been an action speaks louder than words kind of woman, so time will tell. At this point in life I’m content. I want the family and maybe another child but I’m happy with having just me and Arianna. She’s a blessing and besides she’s growing up and will be doing her own thing soon; which will be time for me to have me time and enjoy the life that God has blessed me with. Whatever route I take I’ll appreciate God’s gifts.

With that said I’m going to end it. Everybody have blessed Thursday. Stay dry and enjoy your day. Smooches!


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