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Something New March 15, 2011

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For some time now I have been looking for something different to do with my hair since I am not trying to cut it all off. I haven’t a clue on what to do! One minute I want to be natural the next I want a full weave. Only thing that hasn’t changed is that I do want to color my hair. Since we are coming into the warmer months I’m going to go lighter. Now I’ve done honey blonde but because my hair is so dark it doesn’t come out that light. I guess I need it enhanced. So I have finally decided on a hair color. I’m sure you all remember Olivia from G-Unit, if not you know her from VH1’s new series Love and Hip Hop.  I’ve always liked her hair color and how it looks with her sunkissed skin complexion.

Now I just need to figure out what I will do with my hair style for the summer. I figured relaxing it will be a waste since it’s going to be hot and I sweat a lot but if I color it I’m going to need to do something with it. I guess we will take it one step at a time. It’s growing! I would love a nice wet and wavy look for the summer but the length is not were it should be for that kind of style. I’d be rocking an afro.

Few styles I’ve been considering where here and there over the warmer months so I don’t have to relax my hair. A shorter version of the curly mohawk Teyana Taylor is rocking below. Also love the fish tail braids. I may try those as well to switch it up. I think my daughter would look beautiful in those. Whatever I try I will keep you posted on!


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