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Growing Up March 16, 2011

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With all the birthday parties that I’ve been to in the past couple of months and my very on niece and daughter’s right around the corner it makes me think about my babygirl getting older. Not only her but myself. I’m not that old but mentally and physically when we get older things change for us. I think I grew up a little fast. With my parents divorcing when I was 10 and my older sibilings moving out not to long after I was left to fend for myself. I ended up having my daughter when I was 19 so I really didn’t have a proper switch from teenage life to adult. I couldn’t have asked for a better life with my daughter because frankly I probably would have been hell on wheels if Arianna wouldn’t have come along. Now that I’m seeing my oldest niece and my daughter grow up and fellow kids in my life grow it makes me think. I guess it just puts alot of things into perspective. I know atleast for myself it does. My oldest niece is graduating from high school and couple weeks ago it actually had me in tears. When my sister had her she was still in college so at 13yrs old I really had my first child. I loved and took care of her like she was my own. Although I don’t think we are as close anymore and I wish that we were (because I’m a fly Auntie) it still kills me to see auntie’s little Papoose grow up!

Then there is my own little Bird who is going to middle school in the fall. OMG! Someone get me a box of Kleenex! I can’t take it. I’m going to be back on Newport’s regularly at this rate. I can’t believe it. Middle school is a big step. Although it didn’t seem that way for me growing up but now so many things have changed. One middle school starts in 6th grade, now a days kids are saying they are bisexual or gay already in middle school, they are having sex, etc.. At that age do really even understand your sexuality? 6th grade I’d never even seen a penis or touched one before nor did I want too. Not to say things didn’t change a few years later but still.

Growing up is so scary. I know that they are just as scared to grow up as I am for them. I know my Bird is very scared because she tells me all the time that she doesn’t want to grow up. Hell I don’t want her too and if she could have stayed 3yrs old all her life and potty trained I would love it. I’m going through my own growth. I’ve noticed alot of things have changed and that’s only right with age. Although it seems that some people never grow up and it’s sad. I think because they are afraid of change. My biggest change right now is moving back out on my on. With age come responsibility. Man oh man that word is a killer!

With all that said I hope that my oldest niece makes a swift transition into college and Arianna into middle school because they both know that auntie and mom will be there for them whether they do or not. I love you Imari and Arianna!


3 Responses to “Growing Up”

  1. Angie Green Says:

    Robin this is beautiful and so true!! Isn’t amazing how fast children grow and it is wonderful when you can enjoy it. Keep up the wonderful blog it is great!!

    • Thanks it makes me said that my babies are growing up so fast. Especially my oldest niece. I told Arianna I don’t even want to go to my niece graduation. She was like Mommy you are going to be crying.

  2. sassncurlz Says:

    I totally understand all that you are saying. Time goes by so quickly and it is a little sad to see them grow up but it is a must. All you can do is trust that you and your family has taught them better and that they follow the path to greatness. It is hard to let them go but know that they will always return. Love them but they have to spread their wings sometime or another.

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