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Wednesday Inspiration March 16, 2011

Filed under: Music — mshollandsthoughts @ 10:45 am

Not really in the mood to work today but bills need to be paid. Feeling like listening to a little inspirational music today. I have Pandora on Mary Mary station. Here are a few songs that are warming my heart up.  (Mushy Wednesday)

Mary Mary – Be happy

Mary Mary – Yesterday

Mary Mary – Walking

William McDowell- I Give Myself Away (best gospel song I’ve heard in a long long time)

Hezekiah Walker – God Favored Me

You don’t have to be no holy roller to love God. Lord knows I have my share of sins.



2 Responses to “Wednesday Inspiration”

  1. sassncurlz Says:

    I love their song Yesterday!

  2. Norma Says:

    All, I can say is it’s Wednesday when it should be Thursday and I agree with the last statement.:)

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