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My Thoughts March 20, 2011

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Right now I have a lot of things on my mind. The move, this long distance relationship I’m in, school! So wishing I could just clear my head and stop thinking. I’m excited about my move and having my freedom but not paying bills. I’ve done so good paying off things it scares me to think I could possibly ruin all that but I need my space. I know my mother will always consider me as her baby but I’m not one to constantly be nagged or controlled.
Then I’m trying my best to stay focused with school because ultimately it will be a big reward in the end. Whose going to take of me and my Bird but me. So I need to make it happen! Now!!
O, so where do I start wit my complicated relationship. Things started off as usual wonderful. Of course isn’t how they always start? Then things fizzled became rocky or whatever you want to call it. Starting to feel like am I being inpatient or I’m getting the run around. Idk. I’m probably right on how I feel but maybe I don’t want to think it.
Anyways I’m give my thoughts to God and let him deal wit them. With that said goodnight.


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