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My Thoughts March 23, 2011

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I haven’t really been posting anything except for the automatic post from Polyvore. I really haven’t had much to talk about or nothing interesting has happened. I personally have just been preparing for my move next Friday! Yippee and seeing whats up with school. So nothing really exciting has taken place. I guess you can say right now I’m in transition or limbo. I’m trying to figure alot of things out.

Hair situation hasn’t been addressed and it’s looking like it may be natural for the summer. Although i’m questioning what I will do with it for my girls birthday party at the end of April! It’s been since November since I’ve relaxed it! I can’t believe it. I’m loving it but I am tired of my pony tail.

Update on the weight loss. Ugh lets see. I don’t think i’ve made progress. I’m not going to lying I’ve fallen back into old eating habits and eating out more for lunch which will come to a hault April 1st when I won’t be able to afford to eat lunch out everyday. Maybe that will help me shed a few pounds because I will be forced to prepare meals at home and pack left overs!

School update: I recently applied for financial aid so I can get cracking on my RN degree at PVCC and now I’m just waiting to hear from the school so that I can get a start on that. Wish me luck with the school thing. It’s not an easy task working fulltime and being a single parent trying to go to school. I’m actually thinking of taking on a fulltime schedule of courses so I can speed up this process! :0

Hopefully i’ll be back soon with something exciting to post instead of just my looks. It’s Wednesday everybody so enjoy this day and appreciate what God has given you and will be giving you!


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