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Crazy Monday April 4, 2011

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I hope that this day ends better than it started out. Ugh! I’m really exhausted this morning and my face and eyes probably look a little swollen. One I didn’t sleep good last night and neither did my daughter. It’s our 2nd night staying in our new place. So both of us were up and had to get up and get going an hour later. I really didn’t sleep well because I broke up with my boyfriend and it’s not really what I wanted but we don’t see each other because of the distance. So I spent most of my night going back and forth with him. It kills me how I thought I’d feel better and a weight lifted calling it quits with him and I feel like pure shit. I feel like he was the right person for me in the wrong time.

I also didn’t make my lunch this morning and my funds are super low and I’m trying to save so lord knows what I will be eating. I pray my babygirl has a better day than I do. I hope everybody that reads this does. Everybody have a blessed day and love hard.


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