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my thoughts April 12, 2011

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Been real stressed but you know God is good. He blessed me to have my own spot. Much appreciated! Its been a long time come but the time was right. “not on my time but God’s time” I’m real glad to be starting over in my life. I’m single not that I wanted to be but I know there is someone out there for me. Moving and not having a male in my life was a little depressing but all in time and I need to learn some patience. Patience is key. Seem like I have patience for everything else but money and love. I been blessed this far so I know as long as I stay on the right path I’m going to stay blessed. I don’t have a man but being 30 going on 31 and having my own is great. Its so many people that need a job and not able to have what I do. So I need to appreciate that.
My daughter is growing up she just turned 11 Sunday and it was emotional for me because she is my only child. I always thought by this time I’d be married have two kids and living the life that I’d always wanted. Things didn’t go that way but its all good. If its meant for me to bring another life into this crazy world I will. The world us forever changing and getting really expensive. Gas is sky rocketing and so is food. They saying gas will be $5 by the summer. Whoa! They a lie! Lol I’m not going to even believe that. People will start stealing gas again if so. That’s just ridiculous. I know where I live most people work a good 30 minutes to an hour away from their place of business. Is anybody ready for that? Most are exhausting their savings just trying to cope. “poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer”
So in ending this post practice patience and pray hard!


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