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Show Reviews April 12, 2011

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I am loving my Directv DVR. It would be even better if it was in HD that way I could get the full effect! Non the less recording shows and being able to catch them whenever I can is great!!!

First show up for review Khloe and Lamar.


I’m loving this show already. For a couple that got married in 30 days they seem to be really intuned to each other and i love how they make things work with there busy schedule! I’m looking forward to see the things that will take place in this season. I’d love to see Rob and Malika get together and I’m really  not feeling Lamar’s best friend. He seems like he will end up being a thorn in my side. 1st episode starts off with bringing Lamar’s father into the picture with him running into Khloe at a book signing. It’s sad how his father acts but I know all to well of how to love someone but not have them in the picture.

Next up Beverly Hills Fabolous

Now I haven’t posted anything on this show about Elgin Charles salon but this show is a trip. I love watching the cast members and their antics as Elgin tries to venture out his brand and add on salons. My fav cast members are Lolita and Sean, their big personalities and drama make the show. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out. Check out

Last but definitely not least the infamous Love and HipHop

 I don’t know about this show. It has it’s high’s and lows for me. I know that “reality isn’t always reality” but the whole sob story about Somaya Reece kills me. So i did some research on her and crazy to find out that she’d done other things and this wasn’t her first time in limelight. Check out some of the links that I came across about her. and . There are plenty others. Just google her if you haven’t already. After this past episode last night I’m convienced that Emily is either two faced or just likes to keep drama going. Olivia talks so hard but won’t stand up but I kinda understand too because they are grown woman and don’t have to keep submitting theirselves to bs drama. Mashonda makes an appearance and speaks to Emily about her divorce with Swizz in reference to Emily and Fab. My take on being a wife or industry girlfriend. You need to establish your own and not be dependent on a the opposite sex because just as any relationship you are not guaranteed that person or money will always be there! Get your own!


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