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Monday April 18, 2011

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OMG it’s Monday again!! Not the best day of the week. Those 2 days off go by so darn fast by the time you’ve rested up from the work week it’s time to hit that weekly grind again. I hope people had a blessed weekend and made it thru the storms that we had over the weekend. I thank God that my lights didn’t go out and nothing was destroyed.  I pray for those that lost homes or cars even loved ones in this storm.

This weekend I watched alot of movies.  I rented two movies from Redbox, Due Date and My Soul to Take. Due Date was very disappointing!!! I was not impressed and now I’m starting to think that I may not even enjoy the Hangover 2. I just didn’t find it funny at all! Now My Soul to Take was on point. At one point it seemed that scary movies weren’t even scary anymore but I have to say the suspense in this movie got me. I loved the ending because I really wasn’t expecting it. Check out if you’d like to find out more about these movies or rent them from your local Redbox.

I also got to finally catch some of Ninja Assasin I have to say this was a pretty good movie. It was alot of blood and gore but I guess that goes with the movie. This movie is a must see. Sorry it took me so long to finally see it.

Other than movies I caught up on some shows I had recorded on the dvr and been getting back to my 90’s and early 2000 rap. Pandora  radio has been taking me back into time and I love it. I’m so sick of hearing this bullshit on the radio thats out now. It’s amazing to see how times have changed with music. What happen to good ole Mobb Deep, N.O.R.E, and CNN. Oh man I’m turning into an ole head. Only difference from me and my parents generation is I’m not talking about Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. LMAO!!!! Wow!!!

Well I’m get back to grind! Everybody have a blessed Monday!!!


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