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10 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Confidence & Get Back On Track April 20, 2011

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Written by Telisha Ng on April 20, 2011 10:30 am

As we approach that 6 month mark, it’s normal to lose that adrenaline rush we had at the beginning of the year that had us promising to quit doing xyz, start that new diet, get rid of SO-AND-SO and be a better person period. Time does not stand still for anyone and at this point in the year you may start to feel an overwhelming sense of defeat. Later with that! So you haven’t done everything you wanted to accomplish this year, or ever, it is OKAY.

Get back on the right path with these ten quick fix confidence boosters:

1.       Pretend it’s the start of a new year and make another more condensed resolutions/to-do list. Include 3 major goals you want to accomplish by the end of the year

2.       If you still have your old list cross off the things you’ve done. Sometimes we create lists and forget to acknowledge our accomplishments

3.       Update your wardrobe and no, this does not have to be a splurge or die situation. Buy something small like a new accessory or basic wardrobe item like a T-shirt

4.       Arrange to have brunch with a few of your most supportive friends. Involve your friends or mate in your goal setting. They will help keep you on track, often times we tend to alienate ourselves from our friends and loved ones when the going gets tough, but this is when their support is most needed.

5.       Light up a scented candles or burn incense. This is the perfect way to unwind after a hectic day.

6.       Post positive quotes and affirmations in visible areas of at your home or workspace

7.       Try cooking a new dish or get creative and give a traditional recipe your own personal twist

8.       Download music from a new artist

9.       Try a new pole dancing, cooking, or hot yoga class. Be sure to ask if the studio offers teaser classes and check your local teambuy or groupon sites for daily deals.

10.   Throw out old clothes or clutter from your room, and or living space.

And remember your circumstances are only temporary. A positive environment reinforced by nurturing supports and people in your life, the only way you will go is up, but it’s up to you to create the type of lifestyle you desire.

(via Hellobeautiful)


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