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Chrissy Proposes to Jimmy!!! April 20, 2011

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I know that I am late on my Love and HipHop review but I’m finally making my comment on what I thought of the show. Wow where do I even begin?!?! Let me just begin by saying I’m a little old school although this is 2011 but I feel a man should ask a woman to marry him. My take on it I just feel like it makes the female look desperate and that she is not being patient. (I’m not the most patient myself) When a man is ready to take that step in his life he will make it clear and he won’t be shy about expressing that. Marriage is not something that should be rushed or forced someone to be in. I can understand Chrissy wanting to get married and have kids but if Jim isn’t ready you need to voice your concerns and move on if he isn’t trying to comply.

Ok now this episode was something else because why was she trying to do a strip tease in front of his friends and family and why was Olivia not telling her that she shouldn’t do that!!! Speaking of Olivia I wish she would just put some music out there. She has a good voice and I love her song December!

When the show went off Jimmy hadn’t given a response. What do you think he said? I’m curious to see what his response was!!! Also you see that his mother wasn’t that happy, wonder what that is all about!!! Hmmm guess we shall see next Monday!


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