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Happy Hump Day April 20, 2011

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Today is going to be a great day! Yesterday was worst than a Monday. I tried to do my voluntarial (not sure that even a word) duty and donate some blood to VA Blood thru my job. Ugh it wasn’t happening at all. My hemoglobin was too low and my blood pressure was stroke level! Not good!!! After hearing that news i think it made me feel worse. A couple years ago I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure but after changing some things in my life it got back to normal and I was able to stop the meds that I was prescribed. So yesterday seeing 161/106 was hurting my heart because I had done so good. I’m sure missing 2 meals probably contributed to that along with other personal issues. So today I’m taking it easy and not sweating the small stuff. I’m only 30yrs old and way to young for a stroke over dumb stuff. LIGHT BULB: I really should look into purchasing my Serenity Prayer Cuff from Max & Chloe!,35

Today I am cherishing it as it is my last. I woke up on a good note and I know that my day will continue to be great. Not sweating that small stuff. Besides it’s hump day and Friday (Payday) is right around the corner!! LOL Looking forward to a much needed fill in on my nails. I going to pick out a Spring color. Maybe even get me a dress for Easter Sunday!!

Everybody my motto for today is don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy your life. With that said enjoy your Hump Day!!


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