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Happy Friday!!! April 29, 2011

Filed under: Fashion,Hot Topic — mshollandsthoughts @ 10:31 am

This morning I woke up to watch the news and the Royal Wedding was on instead of the news. I really wasn’t trying to watch it. I did catch maybe 2 minutes of it. It hadn’t even started yet. Anytime anyone gets married I wish them the best because marriage is serious. So God Bless and keep them. If you’d like to see more pictures from the wedding check out .

As I was looking on some other blog sites I came across Lil Kim and Natalie Nunn. Apparently they have been hanging tough. Hmm!! Word is they are dating!! LOL Doubt it but these days you never know. Kim looked good though the best I’ve seen her looking in a minute and her shoes were fly!

OK IM SUPER EXCITED I JUST WON WIZ KHALIFA TICKETS ON HOT 101.9! Check my previous post for details to the concert. Perfect birthday present!!!!

Thats it for now! Everybody have a blessed Friday and enjoy!!!!


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