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Looking Forward To.. May 2, 2011

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I’m a big gadget freak. I don’t own many because my pockets won’t allow me too but I love seeing whats new come out. Boy Genius Report is usually my go to site for the newest updates on phones and tablets. ( Along with Crackberry for blackberry release’s and new updates.

I am big Blackberry user! I’m on my 5th Blackberry. It was a time were I had a new cell phone every 6 months if even that long but now times have changed. I’m with a company that doesn’t let you charge it to your bill so I can’t always upgrade whenever I see something new I want. Sucks because now I will have to wait until October of next year but there is a phone that I may splurge on if I see fit. The new Blackberry Bold 9900.


  • Blackberry 7 OS
  • Touch Screen
  • HD video recording
  • 1.2 GHz processor
  • 8 GB Memory
  • Thinnest Blackberry

There is no set date for release or which provider will get the phone but you can go to to sign up for updates.


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