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Reality Show Updates May 2, 2011

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Seems that the only things on TV these days are reality shows. I’ve added 2 more shows to my list. There are few others I tried to get into (Sinbad and Aubrey O’Day) but one show just was not doing it and the other i caught the end of the season. I also watch some other’s but they aren’t really worth mentioning because I don’t faithfully watch them.

First up on my list is a show about up & coming rapper Cory Gunz. If you don’t know him he is on Lil Wayne’s “6ft 7ft”.

Son of a Gun

Cory is the son of Bronx one hit wonder rapper Peter Gunz. This show seems to follow Cory in his struggle to make it in the rap game. I think as long as he makes the right choices and puts out some hits he will make it far. This show airs on Thursday’s @ 11pm on MTV.  Check it out!


Family drama always makes a good show! I’ve been a fan of Audrina Patridge since watching the Hills. Watching this show I love to see how no matter how much money your family has or status shows that they are just like any other family. Show seems to be more about Audrina, her mom and sister’s. Her mother is something else!!! Seems very controlling and I don’t know if she had or has a drinking problem but her voice and demeanor mimicks that of one. Audrina reminds me so much of myself trying to be the piece maker through all the family desputes. I look forward to watching this show. Not to much drama and not to bland it’s just enough.

Braxton Family Values

On this most recent episode of the BFV it was Toni’s birthday and her manager and sister’s treat her to a few days in a Miami. Toni’s sister’s are a mess. Tamar tops the cake out of all of them. She so makes the show but is very annoying. Everytime I watch this show I keep saying to myself I’m not watching it anymore because of her. Tamar and her husband I don’t even know why they are married and I hope their antics are just for TV.

Last but not least 16 and Pregnant

This series never ceases to amaze me! The first episode of this season I didn’t do a post on because I didn’t not like it at all and instead of being super negative I just didn’t post on it. Now this 2nd episode I was a little confused. I’m not sure what nationality Jennifer was but I would have said Hispanic. She lived in Miami with her mother and father and brother in nice home and area but was dating a causasion male, Josh who seemed more of a lower class. At first I felt that’s probably why the family didn’t like him and because he was of another race. Jennifer and Josh were expecting twins and as the show went on Josh proposed and Jennifer accepted. Her family was not happy about that at all and didn’t even think that the twins should have Josh’s last name. After giving birth Jennifer signed for the babies to have their father’s last name which made the parent’s furious and cause arguing between her mother and Josh. Even after having the babies Josh and Jennifer were even sure where they would be staying with the twins. The mother of departure from the hospital Jen’s mother puts all beef aside and acknowledge’s that Josh is the father and he will need to be around to help out so they say that he can stay. Just when you think all is good things get sour after they get home. Josh gets irritated that not long after they have arrived home that Jen’s extended family comes to visit her and the babies and Josh feels left out and feels they should have had time to rest up before visitation. Most families know that soon as you are release 9 times out of ten your house will be jumping with people coming to see the babies! Josh leaves and isn’t heard from for days. Also tells Jen that he will not return when her parents are there. So when he does return he picks Jen and the twins up to take them to his families home but on the way there they began to argue and things take a turn for the worst. Josh almost hits Jen while he is driving (twins in the backseat) and puts her out on the side of the highway and she doesn’t even get the close the door and he speeds off. Grounds for family ass whooping!!!! She calls the police and then calls her mother to come pick her up. He returns to give her the babies and the cops show up and arrest him! The show ends with her not accepting any of his phone calls and her family being happy that she wised up. Unfortunately on the after show she seems to have taken him back. It didn’t play for me but reading a few comments I see that she fell victim to the baby daddy syndrome! Check out to catch up on 16& pregnant. Airs Tuesdays @ 1opm.


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