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Monday Madness May 9, 2011

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First I want to send a Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all the mother’s especially Godmother’s and Aunties!

This weekend has a been bittersweet. I had to venture off to New York to lay my uncle to rest on Saturday. The service and burial were really nice. Funerals just really aren’t my thing but when ones goes another life comes. Congratulations to my cousin Chelsea on the birth of her son yesterday. Was that not perfect timing!

Everytime I go to NY I never want to come home. My daughter especially! She loves it and it’s more her speed. The fast life and always having something to do. NY there is always something going on and I can’t wait to get back out there so that I can do a little more and spend a little more time with friends and family.

Update: Remember how I was going to succome to the creamy crack and relax my hair. Well I didn’t!!! My cousin who tends to do my hair suggested that I shouldn’t. I’m glad I didn’t. My hair came out so nice. It was just as if I’d gon to the Dominican salon and got a blow out. She took a straightening comb to it and flat iron it!

So not feeling working today but hey somebody has to do the dirty work! Can’t wait to be off again and have some fun. Time to start planning the next trip!!!


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