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Looking Forward to.. May 10, 2011

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I have been waiting on this book for years now and it’s finally out. I didn’t think there would be another installment due to rumors that Teri Woods was not the actual writer of the books. Read the synopsis below.

It’s one month before Dutch’s trial for what the media has deemed “the Month of Murder,” Roc and Angel are locked up, and Craze is now the commander in charge. After coming into contact with Joseph Odouwo, Kazami’s very rich and powerful relative, Craze is immediately on alert. However, Odouwo has other plans that may put all of their lives at risk. Craze can’t resist a stake in Odouwo’s very successful billion-dollar diamond trade, and reluctantly takes Odouwo up on his offer, hoping that he didn’t make a decision he will soon regret.

This book starts off where Dutch 2: Angel’s Revenge left off. To check out the rest of the  trilogy. Go to or .


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