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Son of a Gun May 10, 2011

Filed under: Shows — mshollandsthoughts @ 8:30 am

Last night was my night to relax after a hectic weekend. I got to catch up on my shows that I missed last week. One of the shows I watched was Son of a Gun. OMG! I have to say this is an interesting show. I think this is the 2nd or 3rd episode. First let me say that Cory looks all of 12 -15 yrs of age and sometimes I can’t help but stair at his buckey beaver teeth. Thats not important. I don’t know how Cory is going to make it in the business if he doesn’t open his mouth and speak up. I think he is very talented young man and I wish him the best. I love his drive for wanting to stay in the studio and grind on his work. Now his father on the other hand is getting on my nerves!!!! I can understand him wanting the best for his son and helping out. Give advice but not tell him what to do. I really hope that his father takes a step back because I could see him possibly being the downfall of his career. So Peter needs to fall back and stick to playing the back and let his son think for himself.


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