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Nas Wins An Emmy!!!! May 11, 2011

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Nas has won his first award … an Emmy?

Nas recently  won a National Sports Emmy for his ESPN documentary, “Survival 1.” The film documents the real struggle after-math of the Liberian civil war — which has been going for over two decades and finally ended in ’03 — as it follows two amputee victims, Richard and Joseph, whoforms a Liberian Amputee Soccer Team and score ultimate victory, becoming champions.

The Queensbridge rapper produced, directed and scored the music for the film. “After all these years of making music, I am honored to have this be the first award I ever won of this magnitude,” he told NY Post of the win. “An Emmy before a Grammy.

I’m happy for Nas. So many times is talents have been overlooked and now he is getting his due recognition. Congratulations Nas!!!

(carlton jordon)


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