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DayDreaming May 13, 2011

Filed under: Cars — mshollandsthoughts @ 1:30 pm

Now I am not really a luxury car type of person because I know I can not afford that type of car. Plus even getting a used one comes with high maintenance. But I have fell in love with the Mercedes C300. Normally I’d dream of more of a BMW coupe if I do look at luxury vehicles but I kept seeing this Mercedes on 95 and it caught my eye.

Though this is an 2008 it still looks beautiful. I’m not much on white vehicles but I would definitely get this in white. I wouldn’t tint the windows or anything. This is crisp clean with elegance but not to stuck up. It says I can be classy but I still like to have fun. (Me) ha ha

The downside it that it is a tad small and of course the high maintenance. Also with the cost of fuel it only gets, City: 12 – 18   Highway: 19 – 26! I drive everywhere I go so this would have to be a 2nd vehicle if ever it fell into my hands.


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