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Love & Hip Hop Reunion May 17, 2011

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I have to say that this show has been one of the better reality shows this season and the reunion show was even better. The reunion was hosted by hip hop legendary Angie Martinez. It wasn’t as explosive as I thought it would be but it was enough. If you watched the show you know the dramatic situations that went on; so of course those carried on to the reunion. When I thought that Olivia and Emily had settled their difference it showed last night that they really had only just begun. I am glad that Chrissy was a friend and spoke her mind regarding Emily situation with Fabulous. Regardless if you are a rapper or not how do you be with someone for 8yrs and nobody in the business even knows that you all are together.

Of course Somaya and Olivia’s manager had words! Rich said somethings and Somaya consisently called him a vagina. You could tell that Rich was getting really irritated and I would bet my paycheck that if he had his way he would have smacked her ass up. Which I wish somebody would put her in her place. All that mouth and height you can still get a beat down. Rich took the high road and just walked off the set before things got uglier.

Mama Jones and Jimmy (debuting his new cut) showed up and boy did that end the show off on a note! Mama Jones was still feeling some type of way about the proposal. She cleary was pissed off at Olivia for lying to her and shoving a drink down her throat during the engagement. Just craziness!!! Mama Jones walked off the show twice and Jim grabbed up Chrissy and took her off the set. I think that Mama and Chrissy will probably never get along because they are so similar plus I think moms just don’t like Chrissy point blank! Jim needs to stick up for Chrissy and stop being a Mama’s boy. There is a way to stand up for who you love and not be disrespectful.

I am definitely looking forward to season 2, which was announced last night. Curious to see what happens with the Jones and Emily if she ever wakes up.

Check out Vh1 for unseen moments and highlights.


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