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Born This Way May 25, 2011

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I must give props where they are due. I’m not one of Gaga’s litte monster’s but I respect her grind. She does have some radio hits I find myself singing. Hey they’re catchy! So Monday I got on Amazon mp3 on my Blackberry looking for a few songs to download and saw that Born This Way was going for $.99! New album you can’t beat that! So yesterday I got tired of listening to the radio at work threw on my headphones and listened to it. I was a little surprised that I like alot of the songs on the album. Mind you, unless you like dance music you will more than likely not like them. Of course I was feeling her radio hits but her songs Goverment Hooker, Americano and Bad Kids  pulled me in more. Now I’m not saying you will see me at a Gaga concert but I like her sound. Plus I have to respect her to her message of equality!

So check her out. As of today Amazon has the cd for $6.99!


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