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Khloe and Lamar May 25, 2011

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Quick update and shocker to me and I guess it really shouldn’t be a shocker. Malika and Rob getting busy! OMG! I wanted them to hook up but not literally hook up. I want them to be boyfriend and girlfriend! Rob and Malika said on the show they were hooking up but nothing more. Rob invites Malika to San Diego with him, he ditches her to hook up with Rosa Acosta. Yes the video vixen. I bet nobody noticed that did they! I was ticked and so was Malika! She gets a room and leaves the club. Long story short the show ends leaving you wondering were they going to try being together or not! Inquiring minds want to know! Guess you will have to stay tuned!

Also on the show Lamar’s bff Jamie hits rock bottom with his immaturity and Lamar has to call him out on it. He messes up some responsibilities he has with Rich Sol and Lamar puts Jamie in his place (in a friendly way). I was wondering if there was going to be drama but men can be a lot less dramatic sometimes than woman. LOL Well Lamar(Mr. Peace) saves the day and gets Jamie back on track.

I really hope they are coming back for Season 2. Love this show!


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