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Real Housewives of NJ May 25, 2011

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Whoa can I just say I think Jersey may be better than the Atlanta cast! Drama, drama and more drama! Can you hear me! Man Teresa Guidice is tearing the screen up this season. This season 2 more cast members have been added and Danelle has moved out of the area and rumor has it that she is stripping now. (didn’t see that coming hey!) The two new members are Kathy Wakile and Melissa Gorga. Melissa is Teresa’s sister-in-law and Kathy is Teresa’s cousin.

Season premiered with the fighting at the christening after party. Joe Gorga and Joe Guidice almost got into an altercation like to raging bulls. Wow! Teresa congratulates her brother and Melissa, he basically is like why you over here now and then the camera’s go wild. Wow the season starts off with a bang!!

Episode 2 is continuation and everybody is talking about what went down at the christening. Posh has their annual fashion show at the Brownstone, Teresa, Melissa and Jacqueline walk in the show. Melissa and Teresa are cordial until Kathy trys to talk to Teresa. Of course Teresa begins to snap and she walks away before the lid completely pops off. Words are being thrown back and forth between Teresa, Melissa and Kathy and Caroline defused things saying “Your family if you want to kill each other do it in your own home and not mine”

Teresa and her family are really making the show because it really seems pointless to talk about Alby and Chris getting there on place, Ashley having a PR internship and wanting to move to NYC. So curious to see whats to come in the coming weeks.


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