A little bit of my thoughts and whats going on in the world and not just my head

It’s Monday June 6, 2011

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I haven’t posted in days. I have been really busy with family issues and haven’t been to work. Which is my only time that I get to post. Really haven’t had too much to speak on anyways. I have been thinking about alot lately trying to get back on the right track all around. So many thoughts running around in my head. To much time to think I need to get out and do something with myself.

Finally decided to take a break on relationships and focus on me. I obviously make bad choices when it comes to men so I am putting myself, I guess on a punishment for a long time. It’s like you know better but you don’t do better. WTF!

You know I’ve been doing the natural thing, well transitioning. Can’t decide but actually thinking of being bold and cutting off all relaxed ends. I know it’s going to be some talk but I do things for me not to please others. Regardless if I’m bald, I’m still a beautiful girl! I just need to find a good natural salon in my area. My daughter’s father is even thinking of letting her do chops to her hair because she also wants her natural curls back but now I’m beginning to get a little hesitant about it. Her hair is so long! Longer than mine has ever been.

I haven’t taken any good pictures to post but summer isn’t over it’s only just beginning. I’ve already had an embarrassing picture of myself taken. Which had be thinking it’s time to lose some weight or get a breast reduction. Although I’d already spoke with my doctor about getting it done but HE said they were a good size. For me to just lose weight. Of course a man would say they are a good size! They don’t have to carry them around! Guess I need to get on my grind and get some of this weight off! I really need to stop bullshitting and take it serious! My legs are getting huge and I’m to small to carry around 215 or more. I’m only 5’1″.  😦

On that note every one have good Monday and stay cool!


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