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Show Updates June 8, 2011

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Khloe & Lamar

On the last episode Rob hears that he may become a father. Yeah Rosa got pregnant but ended up having a miscarriage. Lucky for Rob because she wasn’t ready but was willing to stand up and take care of his responsibities. Malika got really upset and cried. Poor Malika! Khloe decided to go get checked to see why she hadn’t got pregnant. Good news nothing is wrong with her! Hope they will have a baby soon though. Well this show has ended for the season. 😦  Sad to see it go. I guess I will starts watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians which start June 12th!

Son of a Gun

This show has also come to an end and I’m thinking that it may not be back for another season although I found it to be a very good show. Cory’s manager’s Ed Woods and Nick Cannon had been having problems every since the beginning, which led to an explosive meeting. Where Ed has a temper tantrum, hit his assistant with a chair by accident and storms out. That ultimately lead to him being let go on the final episode. Wish Cory the best in his music career. I think Young Money and Ncredible have to ability to take him to the top.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

This season popped off with a bang to only slow down each episode. Kathy and Teresa have had a few words. That died down. Teresa did right her brother and apologize. I still really don’t understand what Teresa did to her brother. Anyways they had there on Thanksgiving dinners with family and Teresa called her’s a Friends-giving where Manzo’s attended. I’m sure there will be some drama to come! We shall see.


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