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Father’s Day June 13, 2011

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Father’s Day is this Sunday June 19th! Everybody is planning what they are going to cook or where they are taking there father or significant other out to eat, what gift they are going to give them. I sit here wishing my relationship with my father were better. My parents divorced when I was 10. So visitation with my father was far and few between. Every year this time I feel a different way. The older I’ve got I think I’ve began to see how things with my father are and I’ve learn some people you have to love differently than others. While other’s mourn the lose of their father’s thats how I really felt with mine growing up because he was for a long time nonexistent. Though we speak everynow and then it’s not what I would like but you can’t change people. Either you deal with or you move on. Life is short an that is my father. “Honor thy mother and father…your days may be long on this earth”  Something like that!


I have a daughter that is 11 and me and her father have been splits since she was 3 or 4. He still remains a major part of her life.  She worships the ground he walks on. I am greatful that he is a big part of her life and over the years he’s gotten better. Guess all my complaining wasn’t in vain. I just wanted him to do better than my father. I won’t say he’s the best but he does a great job compared to other father’s. I’m thankful to have him helping me raise his twin! I love seeing them spend time together and her face light up when he picks with her. I think a father’s love is really needed!!! God wouldn’t give us father’s if we didn’t need them in our lifes!

With that said what do you plan to do for your father for Father’s Day? Or will you remember your father in a different way?

Happy Father’s Day to Lance Poindexter, Anthony Holland Jr & Sr, Kevin Morris (RIP), James Blalock (RIP), Shane Coles and Floyd Pugh.


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