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YOTHATZPEACE June 23, 2011

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Yothatzpeace is raising money for there event for the youth on Sept. 3. 2011
Every little bit counts!

YOTHATZPEACE is an organization put together to bring peace and stop violence in our community. YOTHATZPEACE focuses on building a strong union between the youth of our community in Patterson Houses. YOTHATZPEACE creates a safer and cleaner environment for its youth. Yothatzpeace is for the youth by the youth. Empowering the youth and allowing them to take initiative to make their community a better place. The youth members who are a part of this organization are from this community. YOTHATZPEACE promotes peace and non violence. YOTHATZPEACE is committed to serving the youth of its community. 

You can also follow them on twitter @yothatzpeace.

Please show your support! Shout out to Clarisa for helping empower our youth. Keep up the good work!


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