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4 Hangover Remedies July 7, 2011

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1. Drink plenty of water.
Always alternate your drinks with water. Alcohol is dehydrating, and the lack of water is what causes that pounding headache in the morning. By drinking plenty of water, you also reduce your overall alcohol consumption, and you won’t get nearly as wasted!

2. Eat something!
This is for the night of drinking and the morning after. Never drink on an empty stomach. You’ll absorb the alcohol much faster if you do, and it’s a sure-fire way to be miserable the next morning.  You’ll also need to eat breakfast in the morning to get your energy levels back to normal.

3. Get plenty of rest.
Sleep the day away if you have to. Call in to work if you need to (but not if you’re on probation). A hangover isn’t a legitimate excuse for missing work, so you’ll have to turn up the theatrics to convince your boss that you’re really sick. Good luck with this tactic after a holiday though.

4. Don’t drink alcohol.
The best way to avoid a hangover is to not drink alcohol at all. There’s no hangover to be had when you’re sober!

Cocktail that I am in love with right now! It’s big this summer and believe Diddy put this on the map, Coco loso! It’s a mixture of cocunut vodka and pineapple juice. Most people use Ciroc Coconut vodka but if you want that same great flavor at a cheaper price Brunettes also has a coconut vodka. Bigger bottle at cheap price. I prefer Dole’s small individual cans of juice.


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