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my thoughts August 15, 2011

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Happy Monday everybody! Blessed to see another day. Today my whole world has changed along with a lot of other parents that I know and grew up with. Today our babies started their first day of middle school! Also known as junior high school it’s the gateway to start learning about the opposite sex, dating, drugs, and a whole world of things that may not have crossed their minds in elementary school. Although some of the kids these days know a lot more than you think, thanks to other kids and some of the shows we have on TV.

I had been dreading this day for over a year now and it has finally come. Right now I’m just on a mission to keep my baby focused on school and sports. My child is by no means perfect but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to keep her from striving for perfection. I pray that her grades stay as good as they have been. This school year I vow to be more involved in her daily homework and after school activities. I’m actually excited along with being terrified.

The one thing that worries me about her attending middle school is the issue with bullying. I’m just waiting for the day she comes home to tell me about it because I am ready to go to the school guns blazing. That is not something I am going to tolerate at all. I hope that her friends parents don’t brush it off either. There are kids committing suicide or harming others because they are being ostersized at school. Lets make this year better and teach our kids better.

With that said I pray the kids get off to a good school year! Lets support our kids in striving for them to be the best they can be in their studies and extra curricular activities; wheither that be drama, softball, basketball, chorus, etc..

Everybody have a good day! Tell your kids you love them when you get home this evening. They are our precious gifts from God!


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