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Aaliyah Dana Haughton 1/16/79-8/25/01 August 25, 2011

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Today marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Aaliyah. She was a music icon and will forever remain in our hearts. Tonight at 8pm BET will be celebrating her life with a special called Aaliyah:One in a Million.

This will be a one hour show, similar to Remember The Time, where we package old Aaliyah footage and music videos around commentary from personal friends and industry peers.


2 Responses to “Aaliyah Dana Haughton 1/16/79-8/25/01”

  1. christophercross Says:

    Compassion please don’t fail me God please help me find the words that desires me to say, for the bullock is not above his Master the beast in his defense when ominous presence, because of adversity my time has past in that misfortune my time is near, my death shall be justified as righteous because of the many spoils and plagues of the world not to live with hatred in my heart in the hands of my enemies, (hayilaa) please have forbearance with me you have farmore greater patients before………….


  2. I was walking exhausted and tried when I picked up a half smoke Marlboro cigarette with bright red lipstick around the filter, it created this massive amount of unknown energy and beauty to my empty surroundings. I could have of imagine it was drop by a girl like Damon Dashes that would never notice someone like me, someone like Aaliyah with the most nices lips softly press to the filter and taking a puff and not noticing the energy and beauty the redline her lipstick created. I admire you for writing the things you wrote about Aaliyah, maybe we should hook up; and go buy here first album I never owned a copy……………

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